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Our mission

Just like everyone else, you surely have special moments in your life, such as the birth of your child, wedding, the foundation of your own company, a jubilee or any other kind of moment that is, or might become, special to you. These are moments to be remembered, of which we would like to offer you everlasting memories, something that can never belong to anyone but you!

One thing to keep in mind: you can buy everything you want in this world – except time!

However, we have brought you the opportunity to buy time from as low as 5 Euros!

unique opportunity

This is a unique opportunity you won't find anywhere else, so take it and visit to register and buy your very own moment, from as low as 5 Euros!
Each selected moment can only be bought once on , thus it will remain yours from then on.

We will send you an email Certificate of every selected, bought and registered second. After indicating the exact time of your special moment, you can edit the text of the Certificate yourself.

How can you get the memory second of your big moment on from only 5 Euros?


Select the exact date and time – day, month, year, hour, minute, second (you can select dates between 01.01.1900 00:00:01 and 31.12.2200 23:59:59) – then add the selected moment to your cart.


Fill in the blank text field with your own writing, go to checkout, pay and that’s it, you have your unique special memory second, owned by no one else but you!


Print it, frame it, put it somewhere you can always see it and so remember that key moment of life, something that happened in the past or will happen in the future to you or to someone you wish to please.


- Professional printing quality

- PDF format .... characters can be written

- it can be printed in a really good quality

- A4 paper size

- It is provided with a unique text

- it can be framed

- it can be placed anywhere

who have already bought an important moment of their lives

We use UTC:

We set our time according to the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), a unique time scale used only for unique flight coordination but according to which all local times are set.

UTC, the standard for all time zones in the world, is calculated from the International Atomic Time (TAI), which is measured very accurately, according to the uniform measuring of 50 different laboratories of the world. The only difference between UTC and TAI is that because of the slowing, not steady rotation of Earth, every 1-1.5 years, one leap second is added to UTC to accommodate the difference between precise time (TAI) and imprecise observed solar time.

Famous moments

1969.06.20. 22:56:04 First Man on the Moon.
2008.02.06. 21:45:00 Strat of Starman (Tesla Roadster)
2005.02.14 14:35:05 Youtube established date
1902.03.06. 11:15:00 Real Madrid CF established date